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Payment schemes vary on a per-project basis. Typical payment schemes include cash, near-cash, (with a certain % due for downpayment and the balance payable within 90 days), in-house financing (with a certain % due for downpayment and the balance payable within 1 to 10 years, subject to in-house approval), and bank financing (with a certain % due for downpayment from the buyer and the balance financed by the bank, payable up to a maximum of 25 years, subject to bank approval).

Why Invest in The Courtyards?

The Courtyards is the fourth largest condominium in the Philippines. By completion of the last phase, this will be the most luxurious residential units in the area. If you want to go to Vermosa on holiday, honeymoon or vacation, this condo will provide you with the best accommodation services. The houses are furnished you need including a TV set, WI-FI, furniture, bed, utensils and other electrical appliances. All you will have to do is shop at a nearby shopping centre. Luckily, these houses are just a few kilometres to business districts.

There are over a thousand reasons why you should invest in The Courtyards. If you work in the city, this is a quiet and family friendly condo. The homes are spacious and designed for a better living for your kids. The area is perfect for recreation, family upbringing and investment. While phase one has already been sold out, you can hurry to book phase two units. These units have been designed and developed by a renowned and trusted developer. Ayala Land Inc. is widely known to build modern, high standard and executively finished homes. The fact that these homes have been developed by this developer proves their quality. Make a point to take a visit to this condominium to view some of the unique sport facilities and amenities in this community.

Its proximity to the city is the other reason why The Courtyards is your ideal home. There is a clear road network to the city. If you school kids, you have another reason to live in this gated community. There are several public and private schools around the condo. There are several institutions, churches and health centres a few kilometres from the community. If you have not yet bought a home in The Courtyards, make a step to buy one today.

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